Wedding Anniversary Penguins

Wedding Anniversary Cream Cheese Penguins - He with Ball and Chain, She with Fancy Dress

Today we made a batch of penguins for our friend’s birthday. We also celebrated their anniversary so we made a couple of special penguins to represent. Here’s the happy couple – he with a ball and chain and she in a fancy orange dress!

His hat is made by cutting 1/2″ or so from the thin end of a carrot for the top, and a somewhat larger thin slice for the brim. Put the hat onto the toothpick, then use that to secure the penguin head to its body & feet.

The ball is a small black olive. The chain is made from 5 thin slices of small black olive. Cut two slices open and alternate them with the uncut slices, using the open ones to hook it all together.

The lady’s dress is made from a thin strip shaved off a carrot. Take the peeler and peel the length of the carrot – about a 4″ piece. Cut diagonal strips every little bit down the length of the strip. Wrap around the lady and secure with a toothpick that’s been cut in half.

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