Hawaiian Luau

Here’s a batch of Hawaiian penguins! This batch of 18 took just over two hours – I could have used a bit more decorating time as a few of them didn’t get anything.

Hawaiian Penguins

Some had single flowers on their heads, and some had head leis.

Penguin with flower on head

Head lei Hawaiian party penguin

And some had onion “coconut” tops! This might also be good using the ends of small green or black olives.

Onion "coconut" topped penguin

The grass skirt didn’t work too well… need to think on that a bit. Maybe leek tops? Or the curly chickory-type stuff? Or maybe that would have been OK if I had trimmed it a bit… I do have a tendency to make things big to start.

Lettuce grass skirt penguin

Ideas for next time:

  • Roasted red pepper, lettuce, and cabbage leis. Perhaps a lei made from a thin oval of cabbage with small holes or shallow slits in the sides, with tiny broccoli pieces or parsley inserted.
  • Cabbage hat penguinPalm tree made out of carrot and a pile of green cabbage, cut like the jaggedy crazy hat. Use a green frilly toothpick to secure the top to the carrot. Purple cabbage trees would be fun, too! Attach a few olives, capers, or cocktail onion insides for coconuts.
  • Fill half/two-thirds of a tray with water and freeze. Cover the ice with saran wrap. Rinse enough sand to fill the rest of the tray. Cover with saran wrap and use it for the penguins to stand around on the beach. Cooling and cool!
  • How to make tiki torches? Hmm. Maybe thin slices of celery, a slice (or two?) of olive just bigger than a carrot. Insert the celery ribs all around so they hold up the olive. Cheese flame?

To make these, follow the recipe and then decorate.

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