Crazy Hat Party

Our friend Della organized a Crazy Hat Party and it was a lot of fun! This batch of 38 took nearly three hours. About 25 of them got hats, so maybe allow extra time if you want each one to have a unique hat.

Crazy hat penguins


I always like the fedora. The right guy looks like he’s wearing a turban.

Fedora and turban crazy hat penguins

Conehead, stacked olives, and sun hat.

Conehead, stacked green olive, and sun hat crazy penguins

One of my favorites of this batch.

Foofy penguin hat

Tomato soldier hat, stacked cocktail onion, and broccoli hair!

Tomato soldier hat, onion stacked, and broccoli hair crazy hat penguins

More crazy hats!

More crazy hat penguins

Garden hat, stovepipe, and radish cone hat penguins.

Garden hat, stovepipe, and radish cone hat penguins

And a few more… Trav’s favorite was the radish hat on the left guy.

A few more crazy hat penguins

The ones that don’t have a white belly are the dairy-free model – good for guests who are lactose intolerant!

To make these, follow the recipe and then decorate.

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