4th of July / Patriotic Penguins

For this batch, I bought some flag toothpicks at ToothpickFlag.com. They’re made in the USA! The penguins are sitting on an iceberg lifted from a game called Penguin Pileup. The flag on top belonged to Trav’s grampa.

4th of July / Patriotic

Some are wearing top hats and some are waving flags.

The hats are a small, thin round of carrot on top of a thin slice which is larger than the top part. I used regular toothpicks for the ones with hats (the kind that are pointy at both ends) because the tops of the hats tend to break if you try to slide them the whole length of a toothpick.

4th of July / Patriotic Closeup

To make these, follow the recipe and then decorate.

If you want to add dessert!

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