Chocolate Covered Strawberry Dessert Turkeys

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Turkeys

I made these for a friend’s birthday. The legs are half pretzel rods half dipped in chocolate (to make the meat part) and then dipped again to cover all but the end. Dip the other tip in white chocolate a couple of times, letting them sit opposite of the flat side of the upper leg (so the flat part is underneath when they get attached). The chocolate meat and leg ends can be shaped a bit with the paring knife, before the final dipping. When the legs are complete, dip the strawberries and moosh the legs up next to the body, propping them up a bit with a pretzel or chopstick.

Store in the refrigerator; transport in an egg carton or muffin tin.

Serve whole or carve the legs off so you have three bite-size sections to eat.

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